Know thyself: a never-ending quest

To all those students doing Area of Study: Discovery, this one’s for you.

This blog post may (or may not) help you in some small way or another. Remember that what I am writing is my opinion, not the truth.


Discovery. Or more specifically, self-discovery.

Some may think that self-discovery is about reaching an understanding and acceptance of our cultural backgrounds, heritage and ancestry. Others may think that it’s about figuring out our purpose in life and our place in the world. But if that is so, then self-discovery is really just a journey, right?  A journey with a final destination; a finish line.

Personally, I don’t think of self-discovery as a journey. I think of it more as a… series of moments. Brief moments, gone before we have the chance to fully comprehend them. We can only ever catch glimpses of ourselves in the mirror before we have to let those fleeting images go, because change is inevitable and the person we saw in the mirror yesterday is not the same person we see today.

Searching is not the same as discovering, nor will it necessarily lead to any discoveries. Maybe self-discovery is not that treasure buried deep in the sand which you’re desperately trying to dig up; maybe self-discovery is that moment when you finally stop digging and for the first time notice the calluses forming on your palms and the yellow sand embedded in your nails. Maybe self-discovery is  not about finding out that ‘we are…’,  but about realising that we simply are.


5 thoughts on “Know thyself: a never-ending quest

  1. The best prescribed text :))))))) discovery may be as well as the recover of something we lost, filling up this missing jigsaw puzzle of our self. A journey may have an end or not depending on everyone, but a journey may never ends for example when a mother give a birth to a newborn child, it may be another way for the child continuing this journey for her after she gave a new life.


    1. Yes, very true – some journeys are cyclical and one journey may indeed merge into another journey, without any true ending and any true destination, which is why it’s important that we remember that life is not about ‘getting somewhere’, it’s about being exactly where you are right now.


  2. As you told me previously (i think), sometimes the more you search for something, the less you know about it <— and i agree with that. I'd like to think I know myself right now and the ending to this post is kinda REALLY open-ended and doesn't really tell me anything.


    1. ‘You simply are’ means that you are who you are in this very moment – every crease, every callous, every flaw – there shouldn’t be a definition attached to the person you are


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