To take a leap of faith

What I’ve learnt in these past few weeks is that, if the prospect of doing a certain something doesn’t make you nervous or scare you in the slightest, then that something probably isn’t worth doing. What I’ve learnt is that ‘safe’ just doesn’t cut it anymore. There is so much more beyond the small confines of our comfort zone, and if we never take a wild jump, then how can we possibly reach all those opportunities that life has to offer?

Life is meant to be one giant leap of faith. It is meant to be uncertain, unpredictable and unconditionally confusing. Life is not some schedule we have to complete, not some map we have to follow, because every single life is utterly unprecedented and extraordinary in its own way. Every memory you hold from the past has never been held before. Every step you take towards the future has never been taken before. Only you can be the discoverer of your own life.

So for once, forget about the guidelines. Forget about the expectations. Forget about asking for directions. For once, just listen to that quiet drumming in your chest that dares you to live your own story and pave your own path. For once, believe that you are good enough for yourself, because you really are good enough for yourself.

The important thing isn’t trying to suppress or eliminate your fears and doubts; it’s about taking a chance despite these fears and doubts. It’s about trusting yourself enough to take that leap into the fog.

Remember, the sky isn’t the limit, because you are your own limit.


7 thoughts on “To take a leap of faith

  1. Life is a river not located in a map, but if this river keeps flowing then it will be remembered for centuries as it resonate the meaningless journey of water, which is something you cannot retrieve back once you let go and lets it join the wild current. But this is what the water of life is telling us, don’t look back at the path U followed, keep go on.
    To be a true human , not only we must have a heart, but also blood circulating our body , keeping this heart warm as well as giving the strength to face the dare. Heart and blood is an analogy for fish and water.

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