Here you stand, battered but not defeated

The things some people say to you – most of the time, they don’t mean it at all; sometimes, they actually mean well… and that should make their words harmless, right?

Yet you wonder, if their words are so harmless, then why do they still hurt as much as they do? And why are you just standing there, taking every hit as it comes? Why are you letting every word slam you right across your chest, right across your heart?

Why aren’t you running? Why aren’t you dodging?

Deep down, you know why.

Deep down, you know that if you hold your ground – if you can just show those words that they can’t break your strength even though they’re smashing your heart to splinters – then it proves that you’re not weak. It proves that you’re not broken – not now, not ever. It proves that you’re not afraid to fall down. It proves that even if you do fall down, even if you are battered and bruised, you aren’t defeated, because you will always have the strength to stand right back up again.

It’s not valour that stops you from running away – it’s pride. It’s that piece of dignity you hold onto ever so tightly. It’s fear of losing that dignity.

And how ironic, you think, that you’re holding your ground out of fear. Maybe fear and courage are not so different after all.


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