Cracks and broken tears

Many things in her life are uncertain, but she knows one thing for sure: she will never let anyone see her break.

She will never let anyone see her tears.

That is her unspoken promise.

For a while, she’s very good at keeping that promise. All she has to do is close her eyes and close her heart.

And then, he comes along.

He doesn’t try to break down her walls; he scales them instead. He is a terrible climber but that doesn’t stop him from trying over and over again, until one day, he reaches the top and falls to the other side with bloodied nails, scraped arms and a worn, rugged smile.

He doesn’t try to change her; he inspires her instead. He inspires her to accept every version of herself, even the versions she aren’t so proud of.

Little does she know that she inspires him too; that while he gives her purpose to accept and embrace, she is giving him purpose to live and love.

It’s true that what they have may not last forever – she bears witness to the death of beautiful things everyday, and knows that flowers will wither, sunsets will fade to darkness, and candle flames will eventually ebb to molten wax.

Yet she also comes to realise that perhaps what makes these things so beautiful is the fact that they won’t last forever, but the impression they leave upon us will.

Many things in her life still remain uncertain, but she now knows one thing for sure: love is beautiful.

And with that knowledge, she turns to him with broken tears in her eyes, only to see him watching her with the same worn, rugged smile as the one she saw tugging at his lips when he fell down from the wall.

Except, this time, she is falling as well.

This time, when she breaks, she is breaking into shards of happiness. This time, when she closes her eyes, her heart remains open, and all she sees is the light of a new promise emerging from the rubble of a broken one.


7 thoughts on “Cracks and broken tears

    1. In truth, love is all around us – love is more than just “being in love”, it also encompasses friendship, the love you have for your family… but in this piece, I was exploring the idea that “being in love” is not just ‘romance’ and ‘affection’ – but the potential to inspire and bring out the best versions of each other while accepting one another’s flaws and shortcomings.


  1. You know, I read this before (and “liked” it) but I’m revisiting it since you linked it from the Sisterhood award post. I really love this. Its so well written. Aside from the “romance” part of it, love is a process. And it is work. Building up another person and accepting their flaws, trusting them with your own – its sometimes so very difficult but so very worth the effort. It reminds me of that phrase “love is not just a feeling, its an action” (or something like that, I’m too lazy to look it up).

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