Merry, merry Christmas

Merry Christmas guys!

What are you wonderful people doing today to celebrate Christmas?

Here, at home, we’ve just had a lovely dinner, cooked by me and dad, but other than that, not much has happened. In fact, Christmas Day feels very much like every other day – there are no Christmas trees, no Christmas lights, no neatly wrapped Christmas gifts with fancy bows on top…

Christmas for me this year certainly isn’t grand or spectacular in any way, and perhaps, neither is yours. But just because Christmas doesn’t look special, does not mean that it can’t be special.

Don’t let that empty space where the Christmas tree should have been, dampen your spirits. Don’t let that empty chair at the dinner table, fill your thoughts with bitter if only’s. Don’t let that empty feeling in your heart, drain you of your laughter and your joy.

Choose to fill the emptiness instead. You don’t just deserve a full stomach; you also deserve a full heart – one brimming with plenty of love and plenty of warmth.


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