Pluck up your courage before you miss your chance

I was just reading through my previous blog, and I found this flash fiction piece I wrote a while back which I want to share with you guys. Hope you enjoy 🙂

WARNING: Contains moderate coarse language.


“Well, so… h-how have you been?”

The woman sitting opposite to Jim almost exploded. “You haven’t even bothered to give me a call in seven years, and the first thing you ask me is how have I been?”

Jim shifted uncomfortably in his chair. People sitting around them in the cafe turned their heads at the outburst, then seemed to lose interest and went back to their own conversations.

“I-” Jim faltered.

“Yes?” Her voice was venomously low.

He licked his lips nervously. How on earth was he going to explain himself? 

“Jim. You haven’t talked to me in seven years. Seven fricken’ years. Why start now?”

“I…” Jim took a deep breath. “I lost courage. I fuckin’ lost courage. And then I was… sleeping around…” There was a slight quiver in his voice but he willed himself to continue. “And I realised that there was no one like you… there would never be someone like you.”

The woman’s crystal blue eyes seemed to soften just for a second before they reverted back to the cold glare.

“Fuck, Anna.” Tears were building up just behind his eyes. Shit, he was going to cry. “I fuckin’ missed you.”

The woman narrowed her eyes and whispered, “My name is not Anna.”

Jim’s eyes widened.

“Not anymore.”

The woman put on her sunglasses and stood up. The chair scraped loudly against the ground. “You missed your chance Jim.” She pressed a five-dollar bill onto the table, adjusted her black handbag and marched away.

Jim stared at the spot where the woman had sat only a few seconds ago. He didn’t blink.

He barely registered the soft ding of the door. The clicking of high-heels faded into nothing.

Fuck. He didn’t even know her name anymore.


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