Who I am and why I’m here

People always tell me that you are who you want to be, and while I understand the wisdom of those words, I find them inapplicable to me because the truth is, I’m not even close to figure out who it is that I want to be yet. Rather, I’m a little like that artist holding an empty palette – still experimenting with different colours, still discovering new colours, still trying to pick out the colours I want to paint my life with.

But there’s one thing about myself that I’ve always known, and it is that I love writing. Even at the tender age of seven, I was attempting to write novels, not because I wanted to get published and become a famous author, but because I relished stories and the beautiful construction of words – I would think that it must be pure magic how they could transport me to another time, another world, another life, all while I was still sitting inside my tiny, ordinary bedroom! So I figured, as a child, that by writing, I was somehow working magic.

To this day, there’s still a part of me that believes words to be magic, because how else can we explain their capacity to open minds and move hearts to tears? How else can we explain their potential to inspire and change the very meaning of this world?

So who I am? I’m still not sure yet, but what I am sure of is that writing is a huge part of whoever that person is. And that’s why I’m here; to write. To share with all you lovely readers, what I love best, in the best way possible – through words; my paintbrush. My magic.


14 thoughts on “Who I am and why I’m here

  1. Ahhhh this is my new favourite post. This strikes me so deep on a level beyond words, because I can relate so well to what you are talking about. I am still reeling in the aftermath of your beautifully chosen words for this beautifully assembled piece!

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    1. Thank you for your kind, kind words. I’m so touched, and I’m so glad to hear that you can relate so deeply to this post – just demonstrates to us the power of beautiful words 🙂


  2. Nice post. I also feel that writing and magic go hand in hand. Movies spoon feed us the scene, but books allow us to take the descriptions and build our own version of the world. I look forward to more posts from you.


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