You call them bad days

You call them bad days. Those days when you get bitten all over your arms and legs by one pesky mosquito. Those days when your internet just refuses to cooperate with you and is about as fast as an inanimate object running a marathon (i.e. absolutely stagnant). Those days when you can’t seem to find anything – not your wallet, not your car keys, not even a single food item that’s within its expiration date. When those days come along, all you want to do is tear your hair out, smash a huge hole in your computer and scream in frustrated anguish at the injustice of everything you set your eyes upon.

Then there are those other days. You call them good days. Those days when you manage to get the last parking spot. Those days when the queue line is non-existent and you win a free drink at the local convenience store. Those days when your coffee tastes better than usual, when the office printer for once does not have a paper jam, when everything seems to slot into place and align themselves in your favour. When those days come along, all you want to do is smile, do ten cartwheels in the air and thank your lucky stars a thousand times over.

You wish your life to be brimming with good days; to be empty of bad days. But what you don’t realise is that there can be no good days without bad days, just as you cannot know light without seeing darkness beforehand, just as you cannot savour success without tasting failure first.

It’s always been easy for you to appreciate the good days, but maybe it’s time you let yourself be grateful of the bad days too.


10 thoughts on “You call them bad days

  1. “as fast as an inanimate object running a marathon (i.e. absolutely stagnant)” HAHA!
    Ahhh once again (your second last paragraph) your words have given me that “ahhh” “oh yeah” feeling. You are absolutely right! πŸ˜€ We really can’t appreciate the colour, the ups and downs of life unless it’s exactly that – else it would all be grey and monotonous.

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    1. Wise words from yourself! Thank you so much for reading, and really loved reading your comment. Glad to hear that once again, it was able to give you that “ahhh” feeling!


  2. Life can never go quite the way we want, but it’s always an equilibrium between the goods and bads. It might be odd but it’s from the bad days where we truly make ourself stronger and mature. In this way, all the mistakes and hardship we go through life are really wealth that consolidate our existence .

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