You still don’t know.

You never knew. And you still don’t know.

There were those times when angry words erupted into screams and you thought that everything you ever said went unheard – but I was standing by you the entire time and I heard you. There were those times when you told me secrets in the dark and woke up with regrets of having ever opened your lips because you thought that the light would force me to see you differently – but it only allowed me to see you more clearly as that flawed yet uniquely beautiful person I always knew you to be.

You break your promises over and over again, but I still forgive you. You tell me to go away, but I’m still lingering on the other side of your door. You cry too many tears and you think that you’re the only one who’s hurting, but I’m still hurting from your tears. You blunder through life like a car that’s being driven drunk, but I’m still chasing after you.

You tell me not to worry. You tell me that you’re fine on your own. You tell me that I don’t have to say it all again, that you already know.

But you still don’t know. You may never know that everything I do for you, I do it out of love.


6 thoughts on “You still don’t know.

  1. This is relatable on so many levels… people who can’t seem to see the you do and are always willing to do for them, yet you still do, out of love that will never change

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