What it means to be rebellious

Rebellious. It’s a word shunned by parents, embraced by teenagers. It’s sneaking out at midnight and sneaking along a couple of beers and sneaking past that sign which clearly reads ‘Keep out’. It’s breaking rules just for the thrill of it, just because it makes you feel freer and more alive than ever before.

But being rebellious, it’s more than that. It’s disproving assumptions made about you. It’s showing people that your good results came from hard work and dedication, not from natural talent. It’s becoming a writer, even when others thought you to be far better as a doctor or lawyer. It’s smiling at your tormentors; it’s refusing to ever flinch or cower before them and kiss their sorry asses; it’s choosing to live your life boldly and beautifully despite their attempts to bring you down.

People think that being rebellious is about being disobedient, but it’s not. It’s about being defiant. Defiant of expectations, defiant of stereotypes, defiant of clichés. It’s about having that unwavering spirit to be purely unconventional, to be purely you.


6 thoughts on “What it means to be rebellious

  1. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What else can I say?!?!?! This is a wonderful and inspiring take on rebellion, urging us to be true to ourselves and not conform to what others expect of you… obedience.

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