Wanderer of the world

(NOTE: this is a work of fiction, inspired by Nickelback’s “What Are You Waiting For”)

Wanderer of the world,
waiting for nothing, for no one.
You said this was the only way:
to break away by choice,
to speak in winter’s coldest voice.
A million leaps of muted faith you took,
deaf to my footsteps pursuing trails
of your evaporated breaths.

You lost your sight
in your own wretched fog.
Visions of a grand future
dissipating before your eyes,
and I tried to make you see
the million other paths
waiting to be paved,
the million miracles
waiting to be noticed,
the million warm embraces
waiting to be accepted.

You didn’t see, you didn’t listen.
So now I’m on my knees,
and I’m begging you:
wanderer of the world,
please wait for something,
please wait for me.

(c) 2015 Katho28


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