Love in ten sentences

And I accept your challenge, unbolt! Haha, I feel like I’m a knight in medieval times picking up the gauntlet that you’ve thrown down. But thank you for giving me this chance to participate in such an interesting poetry-writing exercise… here it is 🙂

NOTE: For those who don’t know, ‘Love in Ten Sentences’ involves writing a poem with 10 lines (4 words in each line), and every line must contain ‘love’ in it. Then after the poem, you simply share with everyone your favourite quote about love.

The love you had,
you threw that love
away, for what? lovers
mad and miserable? un-clover
hearts and tainted gloves –
your flaws unloved? Why
the love you have
is broken love; unthreaded,
fragile, dying love. Yet,
you keep that love.

My favourite quote:

He loved her simply because he loved her.” – Tolstoy

And here I leave… my love in your hands 😉 Take it! Convert it into your own ‘Love in ten sentences’! Yes, you… the awesome person (or creature) reading this. And if you do decide to write a poem for this challenge, make sure to link me in the comments, so I can find my clumsy way to your work and have a read of it.


3 thoughts on “Love in ten sentences

  1. OMG! Incredible! It’s a masterpiece, Katho!
    I love it!
    …un-clover hearts and tainted gloves…
    It’s incredible picturesque ❤
    Awesome! I'm happy that you took this challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

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