New days ahead

As you may have noticed upon entering this site (unless you’re a new visitor… if that is so, then welcome!), I’ve officially changed the theme of my blog! *fanfare* *cheering* *whistling* *bird-cries*

I’ve noticed that a lot of you don’t actually have WordPress… not to worry! You can still get updates of my posts by clicking on the flower-shaped widgets icon on the homepage, then clicking ‘follow’, then entering your email address.

Also, I really do want to interact with more of you peeps! You can find me in Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to tweet or Facebook me, or simply comment below if you like, what content you want to read on this blog next… poetry, flash fiction, life musings, quirky metaphors…? Send me your suggestions, and I’ll collate them into a poll 🙂 Then you guys can vote! Exciting stuff.

So that’s all for now! Bear with me while I haphazardly stumble and trip and fall on my face… In the meantime, stay awesome, stay brilliant x


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