Little signs

Starts with a brush

A murmur, tap against the shoulder

Shrug too small to mean a thing

Except there’s this nag inside her beat, breaking steadiness

Submerging head inside what ifs and too lates and i need to stay away.


Starts with leave

A night and pillow fights

Feathers learning wings always fall even though airbourne feels eternal

There’s only space for one until you slide the breath over for more

But no one likes to be that single hair teetering before the drop.


Starts with a shock

Plane in turbulence, rocking baby chairs

Scaring her to straight back and a mouth moving out no words

Asking her how she is but how is she?

Tell me, she begs, tell me and i will go along with what you want to hear.


Ends with a silence

A lie she made herself believe

It’s easy losing what you think, a murmur in the heart’s nothing to a scream outside

In ruthless streets and air that cuts the tongue

She shrugs, but in that shrug is everything.





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