And so a revolution begins… (not really)

AA/N (Aspiring Author’s Note): I can’t wait for Tuesday to slowly roll by, so I’m just gonna say it now (cue inspiring background music, with fanfare):

Today shall not be known as Taco Tuesday, but as Freedom Friday!… but still… on a Tuesday.

Yep, that’s taken from The Lego Movie. And yep, that’s an awesome movie. And yep, you should definitely go watch it, if you haven’t done so already.

Initially, I was thinking about having a weekly Tues-ing Day on this blog (courtesy to the Choosing Day from Veronica Roth’s Divergent series). But Tues-ingĀ what? Tues-ing my topics? I almost always do that anyway. Tues-ing my own musical number? I wish, jellyfish! I ain’t that special. Tues-ing a recipe? Tues-ing a photo? Neither truly seemed to ‘fit’ into the theme of my blog.

Then, my friend shared the following image with me:

Image courtesy of Three Rivers Deep

(Cool word, huh.)

And that’s when it hit me! How about a weekly Tues-a-word Day? Every week, I will willingly flip through the dictionary in search of awesome words (or troll on the internet in search of interesting origins of a word), and every Tues-a-word Day, I shall share the word with you.

So stay tuned for the very first Tues-a-word Day, launching… next Tuesday.