Darkness abound

People say that darkness is cold and static, terrifying yet strangely comforting. It has this power to hide the things we don’t want to see, to numb the fears we don’t want to confront, to shrink the parts of ourselves we don’t want to embrace.

But I think darkness is beautiful, because without it, we would never know light. Sometimes darkness may make you cower, but other times it empowers you to have the guts to be yourself.  Darkness is that moment when you are truly left with your own thoughts, lost in your own world, and there’s a silence that lingers in the air. A moving kind of silence that’s you driving on an empty road, window down, a gentle breeze passing into your ears.

It’s dark. And it’s warm.


darkness alight

in darkness,
there is a silence
that steals away the
crowded noise
and leaves behind the
trickling of a shadow
a flicker of light
a rustling of leaves.
a subtle sign of life
breathing lullabies.

the wind evaporates,
the air so still and quiet
you could miss the
movement in its silence.
lingering pauses
cast upon the pavement
as I tread
between the noise
and step into the darkness.