Why succeed when you can fail?

(NOTE: this is just my opinion – nothing more, nothing less.)

I know success stories are meant to be motivation; they are meant to inspire us to strive for better, to persevere and persist, to brave our way into the impossible.

Yet I’ve always wondered: do such stories show us what we can achieve, or do they merely depict what others have achieved? It sounds very pessimistic when I write it out like this, but whenever I get compared to cousins or the children of my parents’ friends who’ve already overcome these insurmountable obstacles, all I feel is this sense of discouragement and frustration. Sure, they’ve leapt over the barriers… but I’m still stuck on the other side, still staring at the indestructible walls, still trapped.

To me, success stories are just as unreachable as success itself – both are concealed behind tall, sturdy walls that I have neither the strength to break, nor the courage to scale.

This is not to say that I don’t admire others for all the hard work and effort they’ve put in to attain their achievements – it is to say that just because they’ve made the ‘impossible’ possible, doesn’t mean I’m capable of doing that too. Their bravery cannot be mines; their endurance isn’t passed onto me. I cannot be their footsteps or even follow a derivative of the path of pain and suffering and failure they took before they could reach success.

Instead, I choose to be inspired by the fresh, the original, the creative – because in the end, maybe it’s not about trying to imitate someone else’s success; maybe it’s about creating your own – approaching the challenge at hand with your own flair.

You will fail, you will fail, you will fail – so why not fail in glory? Forget about the eventual success that will come after all those failures and instead, let your failures be your greatest successes.



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done!.”

A poorly taken photo of me attempting to flip up my sister’s skateboard like a pro

This is me in my boredom, attempting to use skateboards as a metaphor for life. Inspired by the act of staring at my sister’s new skateboard. Enjoy 🙂

*** *** ***

Life is a little like riding on a skateboard – we’re constantly trying to find a balance between one end of the spectrum and the other, hoping that we won’t tip over and fall down and scrap our knees. Yet just as no one can ride a skateboard perfectly on their first go, we cannot instantly find a perfect balance in life; we cannot expect a smooth ride the whole way through. There will always be bumps on the road that trip us over, there will always be fallen branches along the way that barricade us from our final destinations. Life is the messy bits, and it isn’t really life if we never overbalance and trip over and fall down and injure ourselves.

So what’s important is that each time we do fall down, we remember to pull ourselves back up again. Keep getting back up onto that skateboard. If there’s a bump in the road, go slower. If there’s a fallen branch, leap over it. In life, we will fail a thousand times over, but the worst failure is choosing not to give it all another try. It’s only when we give up that we are truly defeated.

Embrace your scabs and scars; embrace your failures, and let them be lessons that teach you how to do better next time. Just try and try and try and don’t stop trying, and one day, you’ll realise that your biggest success wasn’t succeeding to ride on that skateboard with ease, but succeeding to find the strength to keep on riding even in times of great failure and unease.