A bit of licorice wisdom

I’m thinking of a smile concealing pain, the pillow hiding hours of tears, this chocolate coating containing a roll of licorice horror (sorry to all people/animals/creatures who actually like licorice). You expect homogeneity but everything is far more complex than that. You see that smile and associate it with happiness, forgetting that it might also be a silent expression of sadness. You slump against the pillow and associate its soft surface with comfort, forgetting why you had so yearned for that comfort in the first place. You bite into the sweet chocolate layer, forgetting the undesired taste that lies within.

But then I’m thinking of how that smile is not just hiding pain, it is showing that you can stand up from that pain; how those tears are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength, a moment of catharsis; how eating that chocolate-covered licorice might not have been very pleasant but it is a symbol of my ability to choose what I try and what I don’t try.

The good may disguise the bad, but we forget that the bad also disguises the good. A tough life does not equate to an unworthy one.


Small is big and ordinary is extraordinary

This is a piece I wrote some time ago about New Year Resolutions. Just thought that I’d share it with you peeps. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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I’ve always been cynical of New Year Resolutions. I mean, what gives New Year’s Day the right to be so special and so magical and so spectacular anyway? Sure, it’s at the start of the year, but what about the start of the day or the start of the week or the start of the month? Why don’t we ever make a big deal out of Breakfast Resolutions or Monday Resolutions or Monthly Resolutions?

We’re always so busy trying to rush through everything in pursuit of the ‘bigger picture’ that we fail to notice the beauty and significance of smaller things along the way.  We forget about the box of matches that set off all those fireworks. We forget about the mountain of crumpled pages and drafts that had to be climbed before the novel could become as brilliant and effortless as it is today. We forget about the tiny names rolling in the credits that helped to seam up the film’s plot holes and costume holes and any other holes or rips or loose threads it encountered along the way.  We forget that New Year Resolutions would be nothing without the resolutions we unwittingly make and achieve every single day, every single week and every single month of the year.

Grand finales are only possible because of the little steps we take. That’s why Breakfast Resolutions, Monday Resolutions and Monthly Resolutions are just as special, just as magical and just as spectacular as New Year Resolutions. That’s why small is big and ordinary is extraordinary.