Silent heroes

Dedicated to the only waterbender (hehe) I’ve ever had the privilege of getting to know and one of the greatest friends a person could ever ask for – Y.

Recent tragedies, especially one so close to home, have finally roused me from what used to feel like a dream – what used to feel like ‘just another news report on TV’ – and now, I’m hit with this realisation that the cruel side of reality is not something I can simply switch off at the click of a button. That unfortunately, there will always be those people out there who have lost their humanity and become victims of their own destruction. People who, for some horribly misguided reason (if we can call it a ‘reason’ at all), seek to thrive in the devastation of others.

But I’ve realised something else – something I failed to notice while I was ever so immersed in my world of books and stories. It is that we are in fact surrounded by heroes – just ordinary people with ordinary lives, doing extraordinary things.

To that teacher who dedicated her weekends to marking her students’ essays, to that fireman who risked his life to rescue another from the burning building, to that police officer who helped a little boy tie up his shoelaces because the boy didn’t know how to tie them up himself… (There are so many more, countless more)

Thank you so much.

Thank you not just for your heroic acts, but also for making me realise that there is also a beautiful side to reality – a side where people stretch their hands out to those in need; a side where people lend a shoulder to those who have trouble standing up on their own.

A side where heroes inspire others to be heroes as well.

'be strong' by konoumin  This is one of my waterbender friend's amazing artworks. Check out her art page at:
‘be strong’ by konoumin
This is one of Y’s beautiful digital works.
For more of her amazing artworks, check out her art page at:

And at the end of the day, as I gaze at the setting sun and watch a sea of colour ignite the darkening sky, I realise that the world is only as beautiful as we make it out to be.

I realise that while we have to acknowledge the bad things in life, we must also take a moment or two to notice and appreciate the good things too.