Unlit candle

Passions fizzle out but you never do.
You are that unlit candle, sitting
by the window, in a darkness
of the warmest kind. I can’t see you
but I read you. I read your smile.
I read the gentle way you pull
at your hair, and stand up, and take
a timid step forward; the way you paint
my brow in strokes of unhurried thought
and leave single lingering marks.
The breeze flickers about the curtains,
but I’m steady in your arms.
The world is dark, shadows grey.
But your lips taste of colour.


Opening doors

I always made a living so I could make movies. I never made movies to try to make a living… If the reason why you’re doing anything creative is to make a living, then you’re doing it wrong.”

– filmmaker Casey Neistat

We all have those so-called ‘pipe dreams’, I’m sure. Dreams we fantasise about, dreams we leave for the elusive ‘future’, dreams we tell ourselves to pursue only after we’ve reached some degree of financial stability.

We think such dreams to be impossible… and seem to believe that if we act later rather than sooner, we’ll have a greater chance of accomplishing them?

Not true.

Because how can you ever think to accomplish something if you aren’t even willing to take the very first step?

I want to be a poet, an author, a photographer, a screenwriter, a filmmaker. I want to write my own novels, direct my own movies, create my own ‘inspirational quotes’. And what I’m realising is that, it isn’t a matter of becoming well-known or famous in any of these fields; it’s a matter of doing what you love, and loving what you do. You are truly passionate about something not because it may make you a lot of money, but because it will make you happy.

So don’t let the thought of imminent failure put you off. Don’t ‘save’ your happiness for later. Don’t stare at the closed door; open it.

Another piece of me

Part of me has been, is and probably will always be that person who just loves to write, but ever since I took an art class some two years back, I realised how much I also enjoy taking photos of things that all too often go unnoticed because of their familiarity and seemingly unremarkable presence. And what I love about photography is its spontaneity – its potential to capture these details our eyes often glaze over, and to encapsulate emotion at its purest – in its beautiful, thoughtful, at times messy simplicity. Photography helps us reveal the ordinary as extraordinary.

I never told you guys this, but photography was the initial impetus for me to start this blog. The title ‘Into the Forgotten’ is actually a reflection of what I love about photography (and writing too, I suppose) – how it makes us look a little harder, how it gives us the eyes to see those forgotten things… those forgotten miracles.

Of course, the only reason there aren’t more of my own photographs on this blog is because I don’t currently possess a camera (of reasonable quality). However, I’m hoping to buy a camera (or a phone with a good camera) sometime in the near future… When that happens, expect to see an exponential increase in photos on this blog 🙂

In the meantime, here are some photos I took today on my sister’s tablet (which for some reason, would not let me adjust its camera to a soft, blurred focus):

(c) 2015 Katho28
“Tree ferns” (c) 2015 Katho28
"Gazing from above" (c) 2015 Katho28
“Staircase” (c) 2015 Katho28
"Lamplit" (c) 2015 Katho28
“Lamplit” (c) 2015 Katho28
"Peering out" (c) 2015 Katho28
“Peering out” (c) 2015 Katho28
"Closed" (c) 2015 Katho28
“Closed” (c) 2015 Katho28

That’s it for now 🙂 Hope you enjoy this post – just thought to do something a little different today.