Sometimes you get so caught up in trying to escape the hurricane of your life, that you forget it’s in the centre where in fact the skies are clearest.

Clarity comes to those who do not run away; who choose to, dare to venture forth and find out what it is that lies within the eye of a whirlwind hurricane.

There are clashing sounds of heart and mind, and you’re their battlefield. You’re trapped in storms of rage and doubt and voices saying ‘no’. You don’t know who you are, whose side you’re on in this war against yourself.

As the winds are washed away by tears, and wreckage turns to all you see with clouded eyes and clouded heart, it finally dawns on you:

Your mind has won this round.


Wanderer of the world

(NOTE: this is a work of fiction, inspired by Nickelback’s “What Are You Waiting For”)

Wanderer of the world,
waiting for nothing, for no one.
You said this was the only way:
to break away by choice,
to speak in winter’s coldest voice.
A million leaps of muted faith you took,
deaf to my footsteps pursuing trails
of your evaporated breaths.

You lost your sight
in your own wretched fog.
Visions of a grand future
dissipating before your eyes,
and I tried to make you see
the million other paths
waiting to be paved,
the million miracles
waiting to be noticed,
the million warm embraces
waiting to be accepted.

You didn’t see, you didn’t listen.
So now I’m on my knees,
and I’m begging you:
wanderer of the world,
please wait for something,
please wait for me.

(c) 2015 Katho28

Monster in my head

(NOTE: this is a work of fiction)

There’s a monster laid within my head who’s
ripping springs and chewing strings,
unravelling cords that bind my broken heart within.
Such a sneaky set of teeth it must possess!
to have the superpower
to so simply tear apart my strands of
horrible uncertainty,
and gnaw away the knots of fear
that’s fastened tight around my throat.

You’re not an ‘it’, I realise, but a paradox
of beauty in disaster; a breath in breathlessness –
unusual piece of messy art whose every bitten laugh is
drawn upon my messy mind,
eating up my every thought – except the one that wonders why

so eagerly you swallow all my bitter tears,
embrace my pain with yours; why you
reach beyond my chest and into tangled mess,
viewing all the cracks and crevices with a gentleness that
every other eye neglects?
Tell me why you lay so close when I am all but warm –
other creatures run away, why do you choose to stay?

But you bare your teeth at questions from my doubtful lips, and
enclose your arms about my frosty chest, till I’m melting

little by little, till I’m bare and warm and
ocean wide – unbound by ropes, and sailing into
vastness, away from narrow visions washed ashore.
Entranced I am by flaws that make you not monstrous but
daringly human – daring to love, daring to be loved.

(c) 2015 Katho28