Don’t find it, it’s not there

So you say that the world is meaningless and life is purposeless. That if you stripped everything down to its essence, there would be nothing. What is the point? There is none. People are searching for something that does not even exist.

Some pretty grim assertions you’re making here, but I gesture for you to continue.

You continue. And say how meaning doesn’t exist but we create meaning, that life is purposeless but we create purpose, that we are the ones who make nothing into something, who transform wind-blown trees and cloudless skies into metaphors, who paint the colour in this world.

And you say: don’t find it, it’s not there.

Create it.


Purpose, where are you?

Purpose. Where are you?
I found you once, now I’ve lost you
in a storm. Greying clouds coagulate,
my mind is blurred. Solidarity
is gone, I’m left to drift alone
in darkened seas, seeing nothing
but horizons I can’t reach.

This battered boat I am.
This single wandering
gaze. I’ve forgotten how to focus
and everything that once was clear,
is not.

But then I think. Maybe.
Just maybe, there’s no purpose
to be found, for purpose is
a rowing oar you forge.
Unthread that stormy sky, create
your own tiny stream of light.
Unblur your world, adjust your eyes,
open up your mind.

Purpose. There you are.

Life is only meaningful because we give it meaning

Everyday, we (both unconsciously and consciously) surround ourselves with symbols conjured up by our thoughts and embed our surroundings with meaning that actually only exists in our minds, so perhaps objectively, life is meaningless. But we humans are subjective creatures and as subjective creatures, we have a tendency to embellish our lives with self-constructed decors of meaning, enriching ourselves with epiphanies inspired by this creation of meaning and by our continual realisation of new meaning.

People take up religion, science, passions, beliefs and so on in an attempt to construct their lives with meaning and – stemming from that meaning – a sense of purpose. So in saying this, I don’t believe that there is only one purpose of life or that there is only one meaning of life, because everyone creates their own purpose, their own meaning. Our destinies are not determined by fate, they are dictated by ourselves – by our choices, our reactions and our actions.