Granite thoughts

The thought of you is maddening.
Whispers in my head become carvings on
a granite stone,
stamping in the every time you spoke to me
and every time you touched your brow to crinkles
and every time you smiled with the ocean in your eyes.

The thought of you exhilarates.
The pedal’s down, tires roaring down the asphalt
and I know this road will lead me nowhere
but your headlight’s up ahead and that means
there’s still a silver of a chance.

The thought of you is saddening,
the thought is not enough. It feels too much like
soaring to the clouds only to evaporate.
And I’m weary to the bones,
looking anywhere but straight ahead.
The steering wheel
sends me on this blind pursuit
for an everything that will one day grow to


Be my neon light

You’re a sea of neon lights
flooding city streets;
your waves of brilliance
ignite the night
like a thousand shooting stars.
I’m just a face in the window,
watching you,
wishing for you.

But every morning
you disappear into
seas of blaring city noise.
I catch you throwing off your mask,
and weaving through
crowds of indifference and ignorance,
and you’re shrinking
into just a face
among a thousand others.

Everyone sees fluorescent lights,
how many see your tears at night?
Everyone hears the lyrics talk,
how many hear your soft steps walk?
Everyone knows the superstar,
how many know your beating heart?

Let me see your tears at night,
I’ll kiss them away with all my might.
Let me hear your soft steps walk,
I’ll align my timid feet to yours.
Let me know your beating heart,
I’ll love its every broken part.

Even when you’re just a face,
I’ll still see you as a thousand shooting stars
igniting night and day.
Even when their heads are turned,
I’ll still be trying to catch your eyes
with mines.
Even when all the wishes are spent,
I’ll still be wishing on your fallen star,
for you and your beating heart.

(c) 2015 Katho28