Gem #2

Kris-Peters-Autumn-sunset-after-Rain-Jan-Juc - Copy
Image courtesy of Kris Peter; Designed/created by Katho28

Lightning and stars

Sometimes I wonder, if we did not know that lightning was dangerous, would we simply see it as beautiful and breathtaking and awe-inspiring? Would we watch with wide, smiling eyes as the sky momentarily lights up? Or would we still prefer the safer alternative – the sea of stars dotted across the sky, or perhaps the full moon beaming down onto the surface of that giant puddle you spot through your window?

Friendship and family are like the stars – safe and constant. But true love is like the lightning – beautiful but dangerous, like a rollercoaster tittering on the peak of the highest slope, threatening to send you spiralling down to rock-bottom, yet at the same time, offering you an unpredictable ride that is guaranteed to leave you breathless; that is guaranteed to send your hair whipping about in frenzy, your arms pulling back in joy and your heart dancing erratically in ecstasy. True love is something that will never grow old or stale, because it will amplify the life within you and open your eyes for the very first time.

A lot of people become scared of the lightning, so they draw up their curtains and hide from the true love that is staring them in the face. They think that taking the chance won’t be worth it because they only think of the possibility of a shattered heart and forget to consider the other side of the coin – the possibility that they will experience something extraordinary, something rare, something totally spontaneous, and something completely out-of-the-world. True love is about taking a chance, and trusting yourself enough to step out of your comfort zone. It’s about being brave enough to open your eyes to the beauty of something explosive and potentially dangerous.

So draw back the curtains. Don’t be afraid to appreciate the brief flashes of the sky. Don’t be afraid of true love, because you can’t let fear stop you from living your life the way it deserves to be lived – to the utmost fullest. There is not a moment to waste, not a flash of lightning to miss.